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Let me introduce the lovely ladies I work with, together we will collaborate on which services would be the best for your skin type.

Collaboration is the cornerstone of a successful health and beauty program. Ageless Elegance collaboration is a group of several highly successful skincare professionals. When estheticians collaborate with a Nurse practitioner and aesthetic medicine provider, client outcomes and quality of skin tend to improve. How many times have we heard the expression; “two heads are better than one?”

This aesthetic collaboration approach allows both the individual and collective skills and experience of team members to function together, more effectively and deliver a higher level of skincare services than each would working alone. The results are amazing!

Faces Plus


Faces Plus

Faces Plus of Wakefield is a nurturing place where beauty and health can peacefully co-exist for a more youthful you. A collaborate group of woman for woman that focus is on woman health and beauty.

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Pamper Me Skincare


Pamper Me Skincare

Come discover advanced skin care treatments designed to heal, rejuvenate and revitalize your skin.
Our advanced facial treatments use clinically proven products and techniques to improve your skin’s condition and appearance.

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Tina McCaffrey of Northborough Advanced Skincare


Tina McCaffrey, of Northborough Advanced Skincare

Tina McCaffrey is a pioneer in the field of holistic aesthetics. She has traveled both nationally and internationally in order to study with some of the leading doctors and innovative skin experts in the world. As a severe acne sufferer, Tina was lead to the study of skin health.

Tina is a Certified Holistic Health Coach and holds certificates in reiki, shamballa, massage therapy, aromatherapy, integrative nutrition, holistic skincare, and has studied cosmetic chemistry at UCLA. She combines naturopathic health principles and practices, cutting edge technology, and the highest quality skincare available to design a superior skin care program unique to each client.
In addition to her great talent and knowledge, she is also the founder of Advanced Skincare Solutions, located in Northborough Massachusetts.

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